Unova is a region in the Pokémon World, located on a separate continent from Johto and Kanto.  

Unova was originally neutral in the war, but has since sided with Kanto.  


Unova has been home to humans and Pokémon alike for centuries, and is one of the oldest continually settled regions on the planet.  

As war broke out between neighboring countries Johto and Kanto, other nations around the globe quickly identified their allies.  Unova remained neutral, along with the Orange Islands and Almia.  Unlike the latter two, however, citizens of Unova readily enlisted in both sides' armed forces.  

Johto and Kanto both expressed interest about gaining the region as an ally, due to its technological advances.  Kanto arrived first and began to fortify the coastline near Undella Town.  Johto forces arrived afterwards, and when negotiations failed, Admiral Masa Mizushima of the Johto Navy sent his Samurott against the Kanto blockade, triggering the Battle of Undella Bay.  

Kanto ultimately held its ground, and officially gained Unova as an ally.  One of the first major contributions was an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device that would lock enemy poké balls, leaving enemy soldiers defenseless.

Significant LocationsEdit

  • Castelia City: Capitol, and the economic center of the region.
  • Undella Town: Location of the first battle of the war.