Sergei Ruchkin
Biographical information
Date of Birth

December 1st, 1910, (age 31)


??, Kanto (Nomad)


Kanto Army, (KA-139)

Physical description

180 lbs







Hair color


Eye color


Distinguishing Features

Beard, scar slitting up upper left lip, multiple scars over body


Three younger brothers, two deceased

Romantic interest(s)

Recently broke off relationship with Gwen Clement


Kushka (*Rapidash); Mikhail/"Misha" (Manectric); Pyotr (Braviary); Uriel (Lucario); Anastasia/"Annushka" (Beartic); Marena/Marzanna/"Mara" (Zorua); Cobalion (Cobalion)

Sergei Ruchkin is a Cossack press-ganged into service by the Kanto Army after the death of his horse and his subsequent exile from his Host almost two years before the beginning of the war. He is an excellent fighter, though very proud and suspicious of non-Cossacks. He speaks very poor English.


Sergei is generally a lighthearted, boisterous man whose good temper belies the ferocity with which he approaches battle. He likes to live large in all good things--horses, women, vodka and battle--and enjoys making friends. On the battlefield, he is a fearsome sight, fighting with his shashka sabre mounted upon his black mare Kushka.





  • Kushka (Ponyta -> Rapidash) - Sergei's first Pokémon

Due Sergei's nomadic tribe having special relations with Ponyta, it didn't took long for Kushka to bond with him. She has a destructive tendency that consists of setting things ablaze. She appears to have an fondness for sugar cubes and enjoys being out of her Pokéball.

In their first battle in the Undella Bay, she had an extreme disavantage being attacked by and Hippowdon and the rain caused by Frederick Curtsinger's Lombre's rain, but she survived thanks to Sergei's guidance and teamwork. Although initially sceptical, she grew to trust him and serve faithfully by his side through the war.

  • Mikhail/Misha (Manetric) - Sergei's second Pokémon, received before the battle at Undella Bay. His official name is Mikhail, but he is usually nicknamed Misha.

He played an important role in the beach battle, knocking out Frederick Curtsinger's Lombre with Thunder Fang, ending the rain it caused, thus removing Johto's advantage in the battle.

Mikhail is extremely paranoid and initially not suitable to war. He believes all of the people are spies or traitors waiting to strike, his job is usually as an guard dog seeking suspicious activuty, but he rather inform to an autority, than do it himself. Mikhail is loyal to Sergei since they have been put together, but his paranoid side, combined to abuse during his imprisonment in Johto, led to the breakdown of his mental stability. After being a POW in Johto, Mikhail went insane.


  • Borja (Ponyta) - Due to his tribe's relation with Ponyta, Sergei used to have one of his own, but it was killed in a battle against the Sinnese Horde. Not much is known about it or its relation with Sergei. Due the concept of Pokéballs being introduced to him at the beginning of the war, Borja was technically a wild Pokémon he befriended.


Notes and referencesEdit

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