{{{Chief S. Rosetta Montague


Biographical information
Date of Birth

January 9th 19xx (18 years old)


Sootopolis City, Hoenn


Royal Hoenn Air Force, RHAF-086 (Formerly Johto Air Force, JAF-086)

Physical description








Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Reddish Brown

Distinguishing Features

Rayquaza Tattoo, Glasses


Conrad Montague (Elder brother), Mark and Miles Montague (Younger twin brothers), Rebecca Montague (Mother), James Montague (Father)

Romantic interest(s)

Daniel Streak, Complicated


Contralto (Honchkrow); Gigi (Klang); Regulus (Lucario);

Rosetta Montague (Full name: Samantha Rosetta Montague) is a Hoennian who was discharged from the Johto Air Force during basic training and was later transferred to the Royal Hoennian Air Force.

She's currently based with the JAF, and (as a fully qualified airshipwright) inbetween missions assits with work in the hangars.


Quite patiriotic in nature, she suspects it is for this reason and her average performance in the boot camp that got her kicked out of the JAF. She is however, a hard and dilligent, loyal to a fault and very passionate about her beliefs.

She began showing signs of deperession after the battle of Ecruteak, however it wasn't until she was put in the med ward after injuring herself that it began to show outwardly.

Though she may come across as harsh and slightly caustic of late, deep down she's still the same lass from Sootopolis. (WIP)

Continuous Bungles by Johto's bosses have given her a profound mistrust of the nation.

Were it not for her loyalty to Hoenn, she'd make fantastic Rogue Material.


Brunette, with Red/Brown eyes. Has a tattoo similar to the markings seen on Rayquaza running from her left cheek to her left wrist. Rarely seen without her trademark slouch hat and upper-arm length Salamence-hide gloves. Wears glasses for Reading/Short Range vision.


Born in Fallarbor Town, Jan 9th, 19xx, she was the second child and sole daughter of her Mother, Rebecca and Father, James (known as the 'Jade Talon' during the Great War). Before her 2nd birthday, James moved the family to Sootopolis where she'd spend the majority of her childhood.


Conscripted into the JAF.


RHAF Senior Aircraftman - Technitiaian


RHAF Chief Technitian




  • Stewart/Gamble (Ninjask, Deceased) Rosetta's first Pokemon she recived upon arriving in Johto. It's split personality was a cause of concern, especially being both afriad and wishing to Murder Rosetta. Upon evolution, Scramble appeared... (SKIP) ...and it burnt it to pieces, unwittingly destroying itself to whilst trapped inside the Protect.
  • Contralto (Honchkrow) Rosetta's second Pokemon and the one she's seen the most often with. Originally from Chrono Islands. High Maintence. Perish Song. Part Altaria.
  • Gigi (Klang) Found on the Beach in a crate chalked 'scrap'. It's seemingly simple demenour hides a tradgic past it's unable to share. Not millitary trained, yet suprisingly adept at defending itself. Can only 'see' Electromagnetic fields. Is currently in a bad state of disrepair.
  • Regulus (Lucario) A millitary experement, eveidant though it's almost Kangaskahn-like appearance. Bitter, Cynical and generally unplesent company, he's been shoved from trainer to trainer to departmetn to department so often, he has become quite imfamous amoung Johto R&D. Exaggurated stories of his times with former owners are used to scare new members of Johto R&D.
  • Aerfen Fflamddwyn (?) Pronounced IRE-ven FLAM-thwin. Usually goes by Aerfen. More later...



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