The Rogues were a separate faction of deserting soldiers that formed shortly before the Battle of Ecruteak City. They are led by former Kanto Brigadier General Jane Delancy, and argue for an immediate end to WWII. 


After the Battle of Undella Bay, many soldiers were scarred by the ferocious battles.  Tensions rose within the military branches, especially Johtoan forces, who were forced to retreat and therefore could not recover many casualties.  After the battle, Delancy supposedly recieved a vision of the future, where she could see people and Pokémon living together as allies, instead of the latter being used as tools of war.  

Delancy's force grew rapidly with the help of an unkown radio operator, known only as "The Hacker".  The Hacker made his way onto radio airwaves, and conducted his own speech mocking the structure of the military.  Although he was silenced by Johannson, his message, along with Delancy's psychic broadcast of her own, led to large scale desertions on all sides.


The Rogues primarily use their Pokémon to aid them in tasks.  Different from military training, however, they raise their monsters with love and care.  They obtained new Pokémon by stealing balls off of soldiers, and raiding military bases.  

During the Battle of Ecruteak, Rogue forces also used the chaos to their advantage, attempting to take as much as they could for their new organization.  There was at least one attempt to hijack a Johto Patrol Sharpedo boat, which failed.  

The Rogues have at least two aircraft at their disposal, both Kantonese Spitfires:

- "Pele's Cigar", the Spitfire operated by Miguel Parsnip (KAF-178)

- An unnamed Spitifre flown by Theodore Partridge (KAF-172)

They are also suspected to have a small number of land vehicles, possibly Jeeps and transports.