Variations of the Hoennian National Flag

Hoenn is a region in the Pokémon World , located south of Johto, south-west of Kanto and West of the Sevii Islands.

As an ally of Johto, it is also alligned with The Sevii Islands, Orre and Holon. Due to recent legislation, the majority of it's recruits are enlisted in the Johto Millitary, rather than it's Hoennian counterpart.

A tropical region, with a vast variety of landscapes, it's relitive isolation from the main contient has lead it to have exceptional Naval and Air Force facilities.



The MilitaryEdit

Indirectly controlled by the Johtoian Ministry of Defense.


Part of the Johto's Naval superiority could be attributed to the Slateport Shipyards. As the region is gert by sea the Hoennian navy is a considerably advanced force, despite being smaller than Johto's. Aside from patrolling the Joenn Strait, the Hoennian navy also serves as a deterant for any Kantoian attempts to sail around the south end of the Mt. Silver range.

It still remains a mystery as to how a large portion of the Kantoian Navy managed to move to Undella Bay without the Hoennian Navy noticing.


Supplied by Devon Corp.

Air ForceEdit

The Royal Hoennian Air Force also has partial authority in the nearby Sevii Islands, to suppliment their own smaller force. R&D was formerly conducted at the Mossdeep Aerospace Research and Development Center (or MARDeC), until it was offically closed a few months into the war amidst fears technology being researched there would be easily leaked, given it's proximity to international waters. The majoriy of it's operations have since been absorbed by the RHAF's base near Fallarbor.

Unoffically, there is a slight mistrust between the Johtoian Airforce and their Hoennian brethern, on the account of the fall of the 'Jade Talon'; a famed Great War fighter pilot who was shot down on a desperate plan given by Johtoian authorites. That not a word of this made a single publication in Johto, yet was all over the Hoenn news didn't help.

Poké ballsEdit

Hoenn offically uses the Johto-styled Poké ball with a clockwork release mechanism.  A slight change in colouration is used to denote a ball belonging to a Hoennian force.

Significant LocationsEdit

  • Rustboro City: Industrial City and Location of Devon Corp. With the fallout of automated firearms, several business have closed resulting in a partial 'Ghost Town'.
  • Slateport City: Hoenn's primary Port. Also located are the Hoennian Shipyards.